Blogs and other favorites

So this my first post and it is going to be about my current favorite blogs, YouTube channels, and Instagram pages. Even if I don’t have so much free time every day in still read a lot of blogs and watch a lot of different youtube channels and it just kind of me time and I really enjoy just sitting down for a moment and reading some blogs or scrolling through my Instagram page.


Deliciously Ella: She inspires me so much, she is probably my favorite blogger at the moment. Her blog is so nice and the recipes are so delicious. I already have her first cookbook and I am really looking forward to buying her second cookbook because in the one I already have are so many lovely recipes and the best thing about it is that they are really healthy and they are also all natural.

Green Kitchen Stories: I discovered this blog a while ago and I immediately felt in love with it. It feels like I just follow blogs about food and healthy living but I don’t it is just that these are my favorite blogs right now even if I follow a lot of different blogs. So this blog is also about healthy food and they have so nice recipes on their blog and they also have a YouTube channel and I also like that one. They have a cookbook too and I really want to have it and I think I will buy it on my birthday because the blog is so nice and I just really want this cookbook. (I know I am so sick)

My new roots: Guess what, this is another blog about cooking and healthy food. I already have the cookbook and I really love it. I think the blog looks so nice just like the cookbook. I discovered the blog after I bought the cookbook and I felt in love with it. I am always excited to try new recipes even I not really good at cooking. But it isn’t so difficult and they also taste amazing.

Naturally Sassy: Her cookbook is the best one I have ever had. And I know that I say almost the same things about all the other cookbooks I mentioned before, but this cookbook is soo amazing and I probably use it three to five times a week because I am so obsessed with it. The recipes on her blog are healthy, vegan and gluten-free and so yummy.

Poppy Deyes: The last blog is not completely about food. It also about fashion, travel, and lifestyle. I really like this blog and Poppy is so inspiring. Her blog is just so cute and beautiful and no matter what the post is about they are all good, even I don’t like the topic so much or if I am not really interested in, they are still really interesting and enjoyable to read.

YouTube channels:

Niomi Smart: Her channel is so amazing it is my favorite at the moment and I love her so much. And even if I am not in the mood of watching YouTube videos I always watch hers because they are all so inspiring and I love them so much.

Aspyn and Parker: I love their vlogs so much. If you don’t know them you have to check them out because they are so cute and the vlogs are awesome and ya I just enjoy watching their videos.

Amber Fillerup: She is so lovely, I love her videos so much. And I am also obsessed with her blog and her Instagram account. Her vlogs are so cute and she is such an inspiring person. If you don’t know her, then you should really check out her YouTube channel and her blog.

Jon Olsson: I discovered his channel a few weeks ago and I immediately felt in love with his vlogs. And since then I watch his vlogs every single day and I am so obsessed with them.

Claire Marshall: Her channel is so nice. I enjoy watching her videos and I get so inspired and I really like her style and her appearance and somehow I get so calm when I watch her videos.


Lightpoem: I just have two Instagram accounts I really love at the moment because I’m more into blogs at the moment. And one of them is called Lightpoem and I love her pictures so much and I always enjoy scrolling through her page.

Livingthehealthychoice: Always I scroll through her Instagram page I get so hungry because every picture she posts looks so delicious and I just really love her pics.

I hope you like this kind of post and if you do you could leave a comment if you want to.

Laura ♡


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