Three-month bucket list

So I had the idea sharing with you my little bucket list I did, cause I thought that it could be quite interesting, so why not sharing it with you. So this is just a really short post and it’s just a little bucket list for the next three months. Comment what would be on your three-month bucket list.

– read 15 books thereof at least 3 English books
– write at least one blog post a week
– spend less than 60€
– learn four new songs on the piano
– make 100€ with private coaching
– cook at least once a week
– start learning Italian
– celebrate my birthday
– do a workout three times a week
– go jogging once a week
– do yoga once a week
– start reading the news every day
– never sleep longer than 9 am
– use up all the almost empty nail polish remover
– learn something new
– eat healthy
– don’t buy any kind of sweets even if they are healthy
– try to be happy as much as I can



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