Smoothie bowl

I’m totally obsessed with smoothie bowls. They are so delicious, they are healthy and they are also so easy to make. So I thought why not share the recipe with you cuz I love them so much. I usually just put all ingredients together and if I need more I just take more, so I tried to figure out how much you gonna need but the best is you try it on your own. Comment what you usually eat for breakfast and if ever tried a smoothie bowl.

What you need:IMG_0920

– 150 g frozen berries * (I like to take raspberries mixed with blueberries and blackberries if I have some)

– one banana (sometimes I just take a half)

– 90 ml almond milk (you can take more or less, depending on how smooth you want it)

– half tablespoon chia seeds

– two tablespoons oats (you can use them as a topping, but you also can blend them with the other ingredients)

– If you want you could also take some granola, some oats or even more fruit as a topping.


– Place everything in a food processor

– blend everything until you have a smooth but not too smooth consistency

– then put the smoothie in a bowl

– If you want to you can now top it with some granola or oats.

* To make your own frozen berries put your berries in a zip bag and place it for about a day (or longer) in the freezer.

Enjoy ♡



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