50 little facts about me

  1. My name is Laura-ChristineIMG_3999
  2. I am 16 years old
  3. I was born on the 7th of August 2000
  4. I live in Germany
  5. I go to a private school
  6. I like English more than German
  7. This isn’t my first Blog
  8. I had a dog called Eddie
  9. I love to cook even though I am not really good ad it
  10. I have two little brothers
  11. I play the piano
  12. I love fruit
  13. I am 1,76 meter tall
  14. I broke my arm when I was five years old
  15. I have blue-green eyes
  16. I had an aquarium and a fish called red bubble
  17. I read a lot
  18. I try to read at least one book a week
  19. I am obsessed with energy balls
  20. I want to learn Italian and/or Spanish
  21. My favorite book is Me before you
  22. I love the series “Bones”
  23. I love all Harry Potter movies and books
  24. Sometimes I just go for a walk to clear my head
  25. I love to travel
  26. I am looking forward to the moment where I have my own flat
  27. My first word was Heidi
  28. I love my family and my friends
  29. When I am old enough and I have enough money I want to live somewhere in England
  30. I want to become 89 years old
  31. I want to study but I am still not sure what
  32. I love to write
  33. I write my own book
  34. I look hilarious with sunglasses
  35. There is a new post every Monday and Saturday on my blog
  36. I enjoy watching vlogs
  37. Someday I want to start a YouTube channel just for fun
  38. When I am older I want to have my own dog
  39. When I don’t have to go to school usually go to bed at 2 am
  40. I love the movie “Intouchables”
  41. I love reading blogs
  42. When I was seven years olf I wanted to become a baker
  43. I love photographing
  44. I am in love with my Canon 1200d,my MacBook Air and my Kindle ebook reader
  45. I dream of traveling for one or more years through the USA and Canada
  46. I hate being late so I am often more than punctual
  47. Spotify is my lifesaver
  48. I usually read thrillers and novels
  49. I panic so fast and everybody hates it
  50. I love my blog

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