I always try to be productive and then I end up watching a movie or any series or I am just cruising on the internet doing nothing spectacular. This is also the reason why I didn’t post anything the last few weeks. Sometimes I could be really productive, but usually I am too lazy to do anything. Yeah, that’s probably the reason why I thought of this post and started watching a lot of videos about it and also researched a lot and it kind of helped me a little bit, but as I said I am a really lazy person and I am also on holiday so that is my little excuse. I hope that it might help some of you as well because that would be kind of nice I thing, cause when you are like me and you want to be productive and then you end up doing something completely different, these tips might be helpful.

1. List: Making lists helped me so much and I know that this is driving probably some of you really crazy and you are probably sick of reading it everywhere but it just really helped me so I had to mention it. So making a list like a to-do list really helped me to stay focused and I feel like I am even more productive and crossing out the things I have done usually makes me really happy.

2. Breaks: Take some breaks. If you worked all day it is very important to just take a break because when you work for a very long time without a break it gets more difficult to stay focused. Breaks just help you to just reload yourself and it just helps to stay focused and it is easier to be productive. I think that it is impossible to be 24 seven productive. I try to be productive for 1-2 hours and then I take at least a 15-minute break until I carry on.

3. Stay hydrated: Drink enough water, cause if you don’t drink enough, you are dehydrated and you get less work done because you will have less energy and your body and also your brain needs the water. I don’t drink enough and I know this so I searched for an app and there are tons of apps that keep reminding you to drink enough water and they also tell you to how much you should at least drink.

4. Stop multitasking: So I read this a lot recently and I wonder because I thought that multi-tasking is a good thing, but a lot of people says that it isn’t good for you and also for your brain. So I used to multi-task all the time because I thought that I get more done. So for example, if I write a post I also watch a YouTube video that I wanted to watch and I sometimes do homework, write a post or read something when I am eating. So since I read this I try to don’t multi-task anymore or at least multitask less and sometimes I think that I get more done, but I also think that most of the things I did at the same time weren’t really multi-tasking, but now I am just trying not to multi-task as much as I used to do and I will give you an update, how it worked because I think that sometimes it might be really difficult for me not to multitask certain things.

5. Routine: Get a routine. Routines could help you so much and when you start your day you feel more productive and I think that it is easier to plan something when you have a routine because then you know how much time I roughly need and I can plan my day better.

6. Do sports: And I didn’t do sports for a very long time and I am now starting to go walking or jogging again or just do a little workout in the morning because it really helps to clear out my mind, I also feel more productive and doing sports is important and also I want to lose weight but that’s another story. And I started slowly because always when I felt like doing sports I ran every day and did a workout every day and I always stopped after a few days because I was not used to it and I didn’t feel like doing any kind of sports again and then I just stopped as fast as I started and that is not really what I wanted. So now I started slowly with going jogging every weekend and once a week and I do a little workout four times a week and also an hour yoga on the weekend. And I am really obsessed with yoga because I just feel so calm after it and I think I am even more productive than before. I also like to just go for a little walk when I feel like my brain will explode any second and it really helps me to clear out my mind and afterward I can focus better again.

7. Reduce: Do first the things you really need to do and reduce the things that you don’t have to necessarily to do. Sometimes it is easier to just focus on a few things. When you have time in the end you still can do these things.

8. Work in public: When I am in public and I want to work I am usually more productive. Maybe it’s because I feel like I have to prove that I am working and I don’t want to let people see that I am not as productive as I probably should be. Go to a coffee shop and work there or to a library. I also read about a study concerning that the noises in a coffee shop enhance performance on creative tasks and being around other costumers decreases anyhow the stress hormones which could be the cause of mental blocks.

9. Making notes: It makes my life so much easier. I save a lot of time I don’t write words I don’t have necessarily to write and it’s just practical. When I can take notes and don’t have to write whole sentences I take notes because notes make everything so much easier and faster.

10. Have fun: Sometimes having fun whilst working could be really difficult, but certain things just can change so much. Make things less boring in using colors or listen to music while tidying up.

11. Turn off social media: Social media is definitely a productivity killer and I can say this for sure because Instagram and YouTube always come into my way or a good series. Turn off your mobile phone if you don’t need it or even your Laptop, because these are all things who mostly distract you.

12. Become a morning person: For me it was really hard to become a morning person, but when I look back right now I feel like it helped me a lot because I have so much more time and I feel more productive, more awake and I think it just helped me to get more in the mood of working and actually doing something when I wake up.



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