One day trip: Bad Harzburg

So a quiet a few weeks ago we did a little day trip to Bad Harzburg and I totally forget about it and I actually wanted to make this post but I just forget about it, so now it’s coming a few weeks later, I am sorry for that but now here it is anyway.

So as I said we did a little day trip with our grandparents to Bad Harzburg to a “treetop path”. And it was actually really nice which is really surprising because I am a little bit afraid of heights. But the view was pretty amazing and I took some really nice pictures and the weather was just perfect. And after that, we ate at a restaurant and then we decided to do a little gondola tour and that was nice as well. The view fro the top was amazing but I didn’t take a lot of pictures there because my camera decided to run out of batterie. This happens to me so often and I was thinking about getting a second batterie and I decided not to buy one because I thought that I don’t use my camera so often and rather than buying a second batterie just because I am too lazy to charge the one I have I could save the money to buy something else. So I probably should get into the habit of charging my camera batterie regular. Comment if you have the same problem as I have and hopefully I am not the only one.














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