Probably one of the most important things when you have a goal, for example, you want to do more sports or work more, is to stay motivated. I think sometimes it is really hard to do certain things when you are really not in the mood doing them because you are not motivated or you are always searching for excuses. I think it is really important that you have motivation as a kind of base because it is often the one thing what keeps you going.

So I thought of some things which might help you to stay motivated or to get motivated. So I did a little bit of research and thought of some tips I already know.

Sleep: Sleep is really important, because if you didn’t get enough you get quiet tried during the day and usually when I am tired I don’t want to do anything and I just wanna to go to bed again. But also you shouldn’t sleep too much because then you can get tired as well. So I try to sleep six to seven hours and I know that is not as much as you should (I think you need about seven hours of sleep) but I feel better if I don’t sleep too long. So I go to bed at 1 am and stand up at seven or eight o’clock and when I have to go to school I go to bed at midnight and stand up at 5.20 o’clock. I would recommend trying different things because everyone is different and maybe some of you need to sleep more and some just don’t need so much (if you think you need to sleep more, sleep more, so go to bed earlier or if you can sleep a little bit longer). And if you find your time just try to find a routine and try to hold this. And since I try to keep this routine I feel less tired and more energetic during the day.

Lists: Lists are my go to favorites. I do lists for everything and they help me so much to stay motivated. I know this sounds crazy but I feel so much better if I have almost everything which is on my list crossed out and I automatically do more. And I turn to forget a lot of things so that is a good thing as well and they just really help me to organize my day and I get a lot more things done than usually. I also do a list of ideas for example for my blog. Lists are just a total life saver.

Set a goal: Make sure that you are able to reach the goal. For example, if you want to do sports and you are not the kind of sporty type of person don’t start too extreme. I first set a goal which I could really easy and then I set the next goal and set some bigger goals because I think it is easier and if I set to difficult goals I usually just try to reach them for about two days and then I give up. So I usually stay motivated and don’t give up as fast as I normally do.

Inspiration: I did a post quite a while ago about blogs and people who inspire me and this just helps me a lot when I am really not in the mood to do anything and when I need to remember myself why I am doing this or just because I need some inspiration.

Remember: This isn’t really a single point its more a second part of the one before but I thought that is really important to always remember yourself why you are doing this and that even if the process is sometimes a little bit harder that the results will be all the better.

New stuff: And I know this is kind of strange but when I bought some new stuff I am automatically much more motivated cause I wanted to use this stuff. Hopefully, I am not the only one who is like this.

Friends: If you have friends or family who want to do the same thing or you think that they would do it with you then ask them and do the things you want to do with them. Also friends and family could be really helpful to motivate you. For example, you could ask them to remember you and motivate you and to support you and remind you. Also doing something with your friend is more fun.

Music: Use music as motivation. I always listen to music when I study or working out or even cleaning up my room or writing a new blog post.
Inspirational Quotes: Go on Tumblr or Pinterest and print out some inspirational quotes or use them as your desktop background or as your phone background.

Just do it: And last but not least don’t think about it just do it. If you just have a half an hour and you think that it isn’t enough time to start something, just don’t care, start it cause even if it is just thirty minutes you did something you at least did something.

So these were my little ideas and tips how I stay motivated. Please comment if you have some other ideas and if you like posts like this one.



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