Breakfast bowl

When I don’t eat a smoothie bowl for breakfast I usually just made myself a breakfast bowl cause it is so easy to make and there are so many different ways. And I always make a really big bowl cause usually I put the rest in the fridge and eat the rest later. And I love this so much because you can also make it the day before and store it in the fridge in a jar so you can eat it the next day and you can take it to school or to work. So I want to show you two different ways but yu could basically add everything you want to add.


Apple and peach:

What you need:

– 70g* oats

– 110ml* milk (you can take any kind of milk it is totally up to you)

– one apple

– two peaches

– one tablespoon chia seeds

– one teaspoon honey

-three tablespoons greek yogurt


– First put the oats, the chia seeds and the milk in a bowl.

– Then cut the apple into little pieces and add that as well.

– Mix everything up and put the bowl for one minute in the microwave.

– Top everything with the greek yogurt and honey.At least cut the peaches in little slices and add them as well and you are done.

I think it is just really simple and so delicious and perfect for school. When I take something with me to school I put it in a little jar and then I top it with any kind of fruit.


Simple coconut:

What you need:

– 70g* oats

– 110ml* of coconut milk  (but of course you could use any kind of milk you want to)

– 15g* of coconut greats

– three tablespoons of greek yogurt (If you want it really coconutty use coconut yogurt)

– one teaspoon honey

– coconut greats as a topping


– Put the oats with the coconut greats in bowl

– Add the milk and mix everything up

– Put the bowl in the microwave for about one minute

-Then top everything with the honey and the  yogurt and sprinkle as many coconut greats as you want.

This recipe is so simple and it doesn’t take a lot of time. You can prepare this as well in a jar for the next day. So just place it in the fridge for overnight and you are good to go.

* I usually just put as much in my bowl as I want so I don’t really know how much you need and of course, it also depends on how hungry you are.

Enjoy ♡



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