How I improve my English

So as you all know I am from Germany and I live here and go to school here, but I really love English and besides that I also think that speaking English is really important these days and a lot of people say that it is the language of the world. I love speaking English and even if I know that I am not really good at speaking and writing English I still keep going and try to as good as I can. One of my dreams is it to speak one day perfect English. So I started to improve my English skills as much as I can and I still learn English at school but I want to become better. I am also considering studying in another country so it is kind of important for me too.

1. Watching movies and series in English:

I started watching movies in English about half a year ago and since then I watch everything I am able to watch in English in English because I love English and the voices are usually better than the German dubbing voices. They usually fit better to the character and if you don’t understand what they are talking about activate the subtitles and you are good to go. Actually, I watched all the Harry Potter movies a few weeks ago in English just for fun.

And the other tip which I think kind of belongs to this first tips because it is quite similar is watching English YouTube videos. I watch all the time English YouTube videos even if I am from Germany and we have a lot of youTubers as well I just like the English ones more, omg this sounds so silly. So I don’t hate all German YouTubers I just more like watching English YouTubers and almost all my favorite ones are speaking English as well except from one German YouTube Channel I still watch regularly.

2. Vocabulary:

write down the Vocabulary you don’t know and I started doing this when I start writing my first blog so I think that was about five months ago and it literally helped me soo much and since I do this I feel like I use a lot more vocabulary than I used to do because after I write them down I also learn them. so I cover one side with a picture or a book or just a sheet of paper and then  I even write down the other one or I just think of it and then I look the right meaning of the word up. So I just move the book or whatever  one line down. It is so simple and easy to do and I still learn the vocab in this way so fast and  I usually don’t forget them. So I just took a notebook and I usually have it on my desk or in my backpack so I can take it with me to school. And even if it is so obviously I think that it is still a very good tip and five months ago I probably still would have said that this just unnecessary and to much work and that it isn’t really useful but it really helped me and my English skills and I was also quite surprised useful this actually is maybe I am just the only one who things so but anyway I just want to share with you my experience with you as well and not just some random tips. So I hope that actually some of them will help you as well.

3. Grammarly:

Since I discovered it I am so obsessed with it because it helped me so much and it is just really useful if I write something on my laptop. for example my books or this blog post. So if you never heard of Grammarly it is basically a program you can download for free on you computer and then it marks every word you have misspelled  and also a lot of grammatical errors. and I think that this is so cool because it is free and I always had issues with finding something where I could check my spelling because if I know how the words are spelled I still misspell a lot because I write really fast and that I just have a lot of careless mistakes. And I think that it is also really cool that it makes some of your grammatical mistakes. And I just had to share this with you because I just use it all the time. And actually, it works on WordPress as well so you don’t have to export the blog post you are writing on Grammarly because it already makes they whilst you are are writing the blog post on WordPress wich I think is also very cool because it saves me a lot of time. So let me know if ever have used Grammarly and if you like it as much as I do. Oh, and I think that it could be relly useful if you have to write and essay in English and you are allowed to write it on you computer or laptop.

4. Read book in English:

So we read a book in English in school and I thought that it was quite easy to read so I start reading some other books in English. So my mom has a lot of books in English and sometimes when I just don’t know what to read or I just think that the book sounds very interesting I read a book in English and it helped me so much. I know I said this a lot of times before but I think if you actually hear or read the language you want to learn it helps you so much to get to know the language better and it could really improve your skills. So I don’t care if the book is in German or in English because I understand both languages so I just pick the book I want to read and if it is in English I read the book in English. Also if you want to buy a book and you don’t care if it is in English or the language  you usually speak, look if the book is cheaper in english. I always look if the book is cheaper in English cause the books I usually read are first published in English and that are translated into German so the English book is available for a longer period and the price is already cheeper. So it usually saves me a lot of money because sometimes the price difference is more than 4 € which I think is just insane.

5. Translating apps or websites:

So I use the app Linguee and I also use the website Linguee to look up all the vocabulary I don’t know or if I want to see if I could use another word when I tend to use one word very often in a row. And what I love about the app is that you can see your course and which vocabulary you looked up. So when I am laying on my bed reading an English book and I don’t know a vocabulary I look them up and I can look as many up as I want to and when I want to write them in  my notebook for my vocabulary I just have to look at my course and I can easily write them down without searching them again.

So I hope you like this post and if you do give this post a little star and also comment what you do to improve any kind of language skills and what your favorite language is.





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