This week …

So I don’t know if I have ever talked about this but at least now I have to. So since a while, I am using Bloglovin if you don’t know now you do. And I discovered a lot of new blogs I really love and I found the blog joy the baker and I read one particular kind of post from her blog and I enjoy reading it so badly. So which kind of post and why do I love it that much? So every Sunday she posts a new post on the topic “let it be Sunday“. The post is basically about everything. It contains links and at the beginning, she writes a little bit about her week. And it’s a quite short post but because it contains so many links you have quite a big abundance of stuff you can read or watch or whatever.

So I thought because I am enjoy reading this kind of posts that much why not writing something like that on my own blog about myself and links I like and posts, videos, books, movies, and other stuff I like. I want to say that I know that this is not my own idea and I want to say that  all my inspiration is from Joy the baker. So this is going to be a quite big change but I think it is one of the good kind of changes. There are also other reasons besides the one that I really want to do something like this. So as you all know I still go to school and I  don’t have a lot of free time which means that I also have a very limited period of time where I am able to write posts for my blog. I try to post as often as I could, but sometimes I just have not the time to write posts which deal with a specific topic or take a little bit more time. Of course, this post will also take some time to write but not as much as most the others do, so I am going to try this and see how it works. There will be still the usual post on Monday but in place of the usual post on Saturday there will be every week a post on the topic “This week” which will be basically about my week, links I like and other stuff I want to share. If I have a little bit more time I will try to post posts besides the ones on Monday and Saturday.

So that is my kind of plan. What do you think? Please write your opinion down in the comments and let me know what you think and which kind of post you want me to write next.



3 thoughts on “This week …

  1. I really like your blog, and I think that it is really cool that you are from Germany! I have just started a blog, and I wondered if you have any tips for me, as I am a beginner! Thanks 😉

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    1. First of all, thank you for your comment.😊 I am a beginner too even if I started my blog three months ago I am probably not one of the best people to ask. I thought about doing a post about some tips for starting a blog. But here are some tips I can give you right now. 1. Post as often as you want to and not as often as you think you have to do (It is totally ok if you just post once a week). Give people the opportunity to subscribe to your blog. Don’t give up too fast, sometimes some things need a little bit more time. And last but not least, be sure that you love what you are doing.😉
      By the way, visited your blog and I enjoyed reading your first post so keep going!

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