5 posts that inspired me

I love reading any kind of blog posts and I read a lot of them as well. And sometimes I just enjoy reading some so much that I save the post in my Pocket app and I don’t know if I ever talked about this app but it is basically an app where you can save any kind of post or video or even pictures and all the other stuff you might want to save or read later. I am literally so obsessed with this app cause it is so useful. When you save a blog post on this app and you can read it offline so without being on the internet, because you don’t need it instead you read the blog post you save as if you have downloaded it. I don’t know why I have never heard about this app before; it is so useful and if you are like me and you read a lot of things on your way to work in the cab or on the bus or train this app could change your life. Ok, it probably won’t change your life but it could be really useful for you and at least save you some time when you have maybe no access to the internet or your internet connection is very slow. So, as I said I save a lot of blog posts in this app and I want to share some of you which inspired me or I just enjoyed reading. If you read a blog post you think everybody should have read comment down below and also like this post if you like it and if you want to see more. Have fun …

7 things to remind yourself when you don’t feel good enough

I read this blog post on my way to school in the bus and it inspired me so much because I had a really tough week and some things didn’t go as well as I want them to. When I read this post I felt better if you know what I mean. I just felt as shitty as I felt before and I know that sometimes it is really hard to remind yourself of certain things and to keep in mind that sometimes there has to be a bad day and not everything can go well. I always forget this and I think that I am probably not the only one.


15 inspirational quotes to help get you through the week

There are tonnes of posts like this one all over the internet and I always love to read them just to get some inspiration or to make my day a little bit better. I know that this post is quite similar like the first one but I love quotes and a few posts ago I did a post like that one by my own. If you haven’t seen that one jet go and check it out here.


Finding peace when the future overwhelms you

I had to share this post even if that one was especially interesting for me because I am dealing with this problem all the time Don’t understand me wrong I love to think about the future without thinking about now but then I have so many doubts and I feel depressed and as the title says it just overwhelms me. I don’t know if I am the only one who is afraid of the future and afraid of ruining her future and thinking about all the thinks you would like to happen, but they probably will never happen to yourself. It’s just a post which deals with a really important topic for me and I wanted to share it with you because maybe I am not the only one.


10 incredible underrated cities you need to visit

As you could probably tell I love to travel and I also love posts which are about traveling and places you need to visit or some beautiful cities which aren’t as popular as they should be or any other kind of post like that one. And I discovered this post one Bloglovin and I love Bloglovin because it is just perfect to discover new blogs or some interesting blog posts like that one. That one isn’t the longest post but it is still really cute and interesting and nice to read.


18 delicious and portable picnic recipes

I love to cook even if I am not good at it. And I saw this post and immediately had to save it because that post includes so many incredible recipes which are really delicious. I have to say I usually don’t to picnics but I don’t have to take those things to a picnic and can also take them to school to eat during my lunch break or I eat them at home. I love posts like that one which include many recipes and not just one (even if I do this by my own).

So I hope you like that post and if you do like it and share it with your friends or even with the whole world. See you next post.









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