Some old pictures

I watched trough all those pictures I have taken in the last four years and I found a lot of pictures I have almost forgotten. So as you all will probably have noticed I love taking pictures so much and I take a lot of pictures. There are some quite old pictures I want to share with you because I love them so much. I hope you like this post comment if you want to see more kind of that posts. Enjoy reading and have a nice day.

tagesbilder-oktober-2014-034Look at my little boy. Even you can’t see a lot he still looks so cute.

img_6022You will see I love taking pictures of sunsets and I took a lot of pictures from different sunsets. But you have to say they look amazing.

img_6036Yap the next one. Actually, it was the same day so the same sunset but who cares, it is beautiful anyway.

img_9453That picture I took last year when I was with my family on holidays.

dritte-bilder-332Also a picture I took when I was with my family on holiday.Love that face. My mum and I created it because we found that blue ribbon and went a little creative.

img_0415This picture isn’t as old as the others are. I took it this spring when I was on a one day trip with my grandparents.

img_6331This picture is one of the first ones I took with my Canon 1200d and I still love it a lot.

img_6701Last year I traveled to Denmark with my friend and her family and it was so windy and cold, but it was totally worth it.



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