This week … Nr.2

It is already the second “real” post of “This week …” and I love writing them so much. I am actually searching for links I could include in this post, even if I still have enough. I also have a lot of really old links, so please don’t judge me because the next links will be  a little bit older. I still love those posts and videos and I don’t want to leave the rest because they are a few weeks older. I hope you are all ok with this and that you like them as much as I do.

Ok, let’s do this. My week was actually pretty exciting. I did a trip to Berlin, with my whole class and I was amazing. I went to Berlin when I was younger because my grandaunt and granduncle live there and I visited them with my grandma, but I can just hardly remember this time because as I said I was really young. We literally had so much fun and it was interesting as well, just a little bit too stressful, but that’s ok as long as it was fun. Now I have finally holidays, again and I needed them so badly. Next week I will visit some friends of our family and I am so excited and I am looking forward to this week since almost three months. So the next two days will be quite stressful because I have to do the laundry, unpack and pack, and I probably also have to write some blog posts cause I don’t know if I will have time enough time to write them. I am probably bothering you with this whole stuff I am writing here so let’s continue to the little bit more exciting. Also, let me know if you like this kind of post and if you want to see a post about my trip to Berlin.

So let’s start with something. So I found this video and had to laugh so much. Don’t know why, but I can watch it over and over again and would probably never stop laughing about this.”The Whisper Challenge with Carol Burnett

I am a person who always worries about everything and nothing and a few days ago I saw this post and it is literally so perfect and it fit’s almost 100% to me. So here is a post about “25 things to stop freaking out about right now“.

This post is so cool and I is a post for all the bloggers out there or the people who thought about blogging in any way. This is a post about “A few awesome reasons to start a blog“.

I probably talk a little bit too often about them, but you have to say their videos are pretty awesome. “Throwback epicness | Vlog 161

Have you ever seen that video? If you don’t, watch it! It’s amazing and it makes me think about it and it also makes me somehow happy. “Something I Want You To Know (Coming Out)

I love dogs and I really love that trailer. I have to see that movie next year “A dog’s purpose – movie trailer

You might don’t know, but I love watching proposal videos and a few weeks ago I watched this one. It’s such a cute and amazing proposal. Watch it “Wedding proposal Flash Mob | Vancouver, Canada“.

And last but not least the “This week …” post from last week “This week … Nr.1“.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have a great week and see you soon.



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