Things you have to do this month

So I don’t remember anymore where I saw this blog post if I find the post I will add the link to the post, but I am not sure if there is any chance that I will find this blog post. Anyways, I thought that it was so cool and a really nice idea as well, to just do a blog post about five things that you should do this month or more some ideas what you could do this month. So I enjoy reading kind of this posts and hopefully, you like them too. If you want to see more of this kind of posts leave a comment and also comment what you want to do this month or things you think everybody should do. Enjoy reading it.

  1. Go for a walk in the rain: Even if you are not that sporty kind of person like I am this could be a quite fun thing to do. And I did this a few times before and since I have my lovely raincoat I don’t care that much if it is raining outside or not because I don’t get wet anymore and I love rain so why shouldn’t I go outside and take a walk in the rain. It is also a quite fun thing to do with your friends as well or with a member of your family. The good thing about this is that you are getting fresh air and you are getting out of the house and can take a moment off, just letting your thought run away in the rain. (You probably shouldn’t go when it thunders.
  2. Read a book: You know I love reading and I try to read as much as I can and as often as I can. I know that some people hate reading but I think everybody should read at least  one book this month even if it is just a very short one. Take the time, sit down in a nice armchair, put on your cozy socks and read a book.
  3. Invite a friend over for dinner: You can have such a lovely time when you are with your friends and I think that is really important to do something with your friends even if you don’t have that much time. Just invite a friend over to your house and cook a nice dinner together.
  4. Watch a movie: You don’t have to go to a cinema for this and you have to watch it alone at home eating ice cream and crying because the movie is so sad. Invite some of  your friends and make a movie night.
  5. Take a day off: Sometimes you just have to take a day off because everything is too much and even if it isn’t it is still good to take a day off and do nothing. You can decide what you are going to do and just forget school or work for a moment.



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