This week … Nr.3

Another week is over. At the moment I am sitting on a sofa in our friends’ house near Bonn, writing this blog post and chatting with these friends. We already did so many things and had so much fun, but I am so tired and I just want to have some me time I really need this right now, please.  Because I am here since Thursday and because I will stay here until the coming Wednesday I hadn’t got that much time for surfing on the internet, so the posts might be a little bit older. I am sorry for that, but I hope you like it anyway. Have a nice day and see you next week. Have fun!

This one is so cute I love this blog so much and I enjoy scrolling through their posts so much. You have to read this post and look at the pictures. “West Village with my bestie

I love dogs and this one is so cute. Look at this cutie, this dog is so sweet. Even if it is just a picture you have to see this one. “The cute dog

If you want to make your bike cuter  you have to see this DIY. I mean look at this beautiful bike and the flowers. I love flowers and this DIY is also a really great gift for a good friend. “Birthday bike basket bouquet

I love this blog. When I realized that Li-Chi Pan isn’t just one Instagram and that she also has a blog I immediately felt in love with this adorable blog. “The little blog of Li-Chi Pan

I always enjoy reading posts about things that people have learned in their lifetime because, in my opinion, it could be really useful the read posts like these ones from time to time. So here is one post: “Five life-changing lessons I learnt by my 25th year



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