If I could travel anywhere (Part 2)

A couple months ago I did a post like this one. It was about all the cities I want to see if I would be able to travel anywhere I want to and I made a huge list of these cities and also wrote a blog post about this list. In the last few months, I added quite a few more cities to this list. Omg, I didn’t know how many beautiful places are out there. And yes, I sometimes end up cruising around the internet searching for cities I could add to my list. The most cities you might know but if you are thinking about traveling somewhere, I think these kinds of lists could help you t find your perfect vacation city and if just don’t know where to travel you just have to look at your list. And even if I have heard of a lot of them there are still I few I have never heard of before so I thought that I would be nice to write the country or the state behind them because I am hopefully not the only one who never heard of some of this cities before. So my second list is also quite long actually it isn’t a second list it’s just the second part of my list but who cares. So you seemed to really like this kind of post so I thought because there are so many new cities I added to my list I would make a second post about my list and I really hope you like it and if you do give this post a star and enjoy it. Also, comment if you ever been to one of these places or if you have any other suggestions and where you want to travel if you could travel anywhere.

Gansu, China

Riga, Latvia

Bagan, Myanmar

Lhasa, China

Granada, Spain

Athens, Greece

Tokyo, Japan

Lyon, France

Istanbul, Turkey

Oia, Greece

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Mont Saint Michel, France

Natchez, Mississippi

Vancouver, Canada

Charleston, South Carolina

Brisbane, Australia

Stockholm, Sweden

Otranto, Italy

Havana, Cuba

Jerusalem, Israel

Kyoto, Japan

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Cartagena, Colombia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Bruges, Belgium

York, England

Cancun, Mexico

Myrtle Beach, South

Phuket, Thailand

Papua, New Guinea

Salt Lake City, Utah

Kolkata, India

Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Nadi, Fiji

Agra, India

Varna, Bulgaria

Quebec city, Canada

Antigua, Guatemala

Santa Fe, Mexico



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