This week … Nr.4

And another week of my holidays has passed. This two weeks really didn’t felt in any way like two week, they felt more like three and a half days and I need more holidays, I am not ready jet to go back to school. Anyways this week wasn’t as boring as I thought. Until Wednesday I was at our friend’s house, which was quite nice, but also totally enough. On Thursday one of my friends came over and we had so much to talk about. On Friday my best friend came over and we prepared ourselves for Halloween. Oh,I love Halloween. Sadly, that I live in Germany and that most people here don’t really celebrate Halloween. But my mom bought us a pumpkin so we could create a scary face with that on. I turned out quite nice and I am really proud of ourselves. So that was my week. My last two days I have to spend alone in my room doing all that stuff for school. Why do teachers think that we don’t have anything better to do in our holidays than doing homework and reading some of these horrible books. So that was my week and although I didn’t have that much time for the lovely internet I still have some stuff o share with you. Read and comment if you want to share something as well.

This time where you just want to watch one single video on YouTube and then you watch another one and another one for three hours until you start to realize that you have ended up watching all of these videos. This always happens to me and I hate it, I mean it is pretty amazing what kind of videos you end up watching. So this is one of this videos I was watching without noticing how fast the time has passed. “Siblings Pick Surprise Tattoos For Each Other

I love watching apartment tours or house tours. I think it is so exciting to see how other people’s houses look like. So here is one apartment tour I come across this week. “Apartment tour / viviannnv

This week I came across two really lovely blogs I want to share with you. One of them is this one “The Tia Fox” and this is the other one “almost makes perfect“.

I love DIY’s and these ones will also keep you stylishly organized. “5 DIY’s That Will Keep You Stylishly Organized

I am always saying that it is impossible to lose weight for me because I am just so lazy, but when I saw this video I knew that this excuse won’t count anymore. It is just so amazing. “One Man’s Journey to a Healthier Life

You know, I love Twitter and lately there was this one video a friend send me and I think it is just so funny. “The video

These were all the links I have for you this week. Hopefully, next week here will be a little bit more. Have a nice day and a wonderful week. You are great the way you are and a beautiful person. See you next week.



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