Books you should read

I love to read and I read a lot. Before I go to bed I try to read at least 15 pages and if in some way I don’t have this time I try to read this pages te next morning or day. The reason why I am writing this post isn’t just because I want to share with you some of my favorite books, I am also writing this blog post because I think that reading is one of the most important things in my day. It is one of these things which are part of an kind routine and also a part that I am enjoying a lot. I am not the fastest reader and I don’t want to say that everybody should have read certain books, but I think that there are some books, which would be interesting or advisable to read. So here are some of my favorite books. If you want to, comment which your favorite books are and if you already know some of these books. Enjoy reading.

Of course I have to start with the book, which has brought me to the point where I started to enjoy reading and where I started to read more and more then I have ever read in my intire life. “The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry“. One of the most beautiful writen books I have ever read until this moment. I love the story and this book really touched my heart. If you never heard of it you at least have to read the short little discribtion on Amazon. I love this book.

This book is a little bit more popular and I thing a lot of people have read it already or have watched the movie. I am talking about “Me before you“. Yes, I cried a lot when I was reading this book and after reading it I was thinking about it for almost two weeks. It is a book you will never forget and the movie … omg … I love it and I was able to see it in Englisch. So if you haven’t read the book and also haven’t watched the movie, you have to catch up on it.

This book is something you won’t forget as well. I love this book although I thought at first that I won’t like it. “The book thief“. I cried when I was reading this book and I was crying when I was reading some parts of it the second time. I liked this book a lot because it is about a time in Germany which was, in my opinion, horrible and shocking. The story is so heart touching but it also tells you a little bit about this time and about the whole situation. I think it is totally worth reading it.

This book is a little bit different and it is a really funny one too. I was laughing so much when I was reading this book. “A man called Ove“. It is a great book and if you want a book with something to laugh bout this is the one I would recommend you at this point.

Last but not least I have a book for you I just have finished. It is “The secret life of bees“. I like this book and I think that probably not everybody would like this book, but I like it and I would recommend it to someone who isn’t sure about reading it. It is this kind of book, that is a great book but not for everybody, but I think that that’s ok because not everybody has to like a book you like.

This were a few of the book I really enjoyed reading and I would recommend to you. Heve a great day and always give a smile.



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