Buh!-Halloween is comming 

I love Halloween so much although I am the hell afraid of clowns. I hate clowns so much, you can’t imagine. When I was a little my mom always used to do such great Halloween parties and it is amazing how creative she was and how much work she put in those parties. For a very long time, I didn’t even think of celebrating Halloween because, where I live it isn’t that popular and I can’t think of anybody who celebrates Halloween like Americans or Britains do. But last year I trough a Halloween party with my friends and it was so much fun.

This year the weekend before Halloween I am staying at my friend’s house and we are going to cook scary dinner and make some spooky snacks, to have something to eat while we are going to watch some horror movies. Of course, one thing we must do we are going to try to recreate some Halloween makeup tutorials and take some pictures. I am so excited and I am really looking forward to this weekend. And because I am that excited I was looking for some nice tutorials already and of course for some recipes.

So I am so sorry that some of these recipes and tutorials are in German. But maybe you just want to see some videos to get a little bit inspiration and sometimes you see what they are doing and you don’t really need to understand what they are talking about.



So these are quite a lot of videos and post but I hope that you got inspired and that you are now prepared for Halloween.  Last but not least I have some pictures for you of my pumpkin my friend and I created last week and I think he doesn’t look that bad. Oh, and when no of these makeups will turn out the way I want them to I will go as a plastic bag. I think it quite suits me. Have a great day and see you soon.







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