This week … Nr.6

So as I told you in my last post I went to my friend to celebrate Halloween. If you haven’t read my Holloween blog post jet, go and read it. (link) Anyways, we carved a pumpkin with a little Harry Potter scar. We both love Harry Potter and are totally obsessed with J.K.Rowlings amazing books. It was a great time and the breakfast was amazing. Her parent did so much for us. We had fruit salad, sausages, and vegetarian sausages, rolls, butter croissant, pretzels, egg and a lot of things to put on our rolls. Now after I told you this, it won’t be that difficult for you to imagine me rolling home. This was my week and I hope your week was as great as mine was and that you had an amazing weekend. Here are the links I have to share with you. Have fun and comment what you did this week.

Because I talked so much about my breakfast I want to share with you one of the best breakfast for fall. It is granola. I love granola, I mean who don’t? Here is a recipe one of my favorite bloggers posted this week. “Homemade Honey Granola

I am the cookie monster itself. I love cookies so much I would live on them if I could. So here are some “Chocolate bats and cats“.

I love to read posts like this one and I adore Zoella, she is just so amazing. But the post itself is also something very interesting to read even though you don’t know her or you don’t read Zoella’s blog or watch her videos. “Anxiety update

It is always nice to read a blog post with some great and also cute pictures. I have talked about this blog before but I have to share this post because these pictures are just so cute. “The last bits of summer

A few days ago I discovered this blog post and since then I read it more than twice because it is so interesting and I am just so into this post. I love traveling and when I am older I want to travel as much as I can. “31 OF THE BEST JOBS FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO TRAVEL

When I go to bed I am never able to switch totally off and stop thinking about school. Hopefully, this post will help me to get better sleep without thinking of school and other stuff I have to do. “How to switch off your work mode at night

This was the “This week” blog post for this week (OMG, that’s a really strange sentence). I hope you like it and that you found something to read. See you next week.



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