Things to share

Before I stopped blogging I wrote once a week a post called „This week …“ where I shared things and links I really liked and I collected the over the week and wrote a post about them because I wanted to share them with you. So I don’t want to give this kind of post up because I really enjoy writing and preparing this kind of posts. So, as you can see I changed the title of these post to „Things to share“ because I am still not really sure if I am going to do this once a week because these blog posts really depend on how much time I had the week and how many things I watched or read that I like. As a matter of fact, I can’t call these post „This week …“ anymore because it isn’t just about the week.
The reason why I don’t want to post this once a week is because in the past some of these posts were actually quite short and sometimes I ended up searching for things I could add to the post because they were so short. Then I added things just to fill the blog post so I could publish it.
Anyway, I really don’t want this to happen again and because of that, I think that I am going to write this kind of posts whenever I have enough things to share with you all. This means that the posts are going to be longer and more about things that I really love.
„Things to share“ are also going to have the same header image so they are easier to find and because then I don’t have to search for a good image very time I am writing these blog posts.
This post is already quite long so I am just going to add a few links, but the next one there are going to be a lot more links and I already have a lot I collected over the last months. Ok, let’s get started!

I love Emma Watson and I love seeing interviews of actors or any kind of person I admire. So I found this video of Emma Watson and want to share it with you mostly because I just love her so much. Screen Test: Emma Watson

I was following this Instagram page for ages until I discovered that behind this Instagram account is an actual blog. Since I discovered that I am so in love with this blog. I love their recipes and the design of their blog, it’s just so beautiful. Our food stories

Erin Rose is one of my favorite YouTubers. She is so inspiring and I love her style. I just need to share her Tumblr account with you because I really love it and I alway scroll through it when I am bored. Erin Rose

I felt in love with this voice. You have to watch this, it just amazing. The only girl who can sing better than Beyonce

I love Angela Lansbury and when I saw this video of Emma Thompson talking about her I swear I almost cried because it is such a beautiful speech. Emma Thompson honors Angela Lansbury

Last but not least I have a song for you I have been listening to the last two weeks and I can probably sing the whole text forward and backward. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home

So that’s it for this post. Comment down below what you think about these changes and add things you want to share. What was the last thing you want to share? Have a great week.
Love, Laura


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