5 movies you have to watch


Because I recently watched a lot of movies I thought why not sharing some of my favorites with you? I have a lot of favorite movies and it was really difficult for me to decide between them. So maybe I am going to do another part because I have a lot of movies left. Anyway, here are some of my favorite movies. Enjoy reading!

  1. Pretty woman
    This is by far my favorite movie. It’s the best one in the whole world and I can watch it over and over again. It’s a little bit older but is really gold and I love it so much. I not just love the plot I am also a  fan of Julia Roberts and she is such a good actress. If you don’t know „Pretty Woman“ you have to watch it. It’s about a hooker called Vivian and Edward Lewis who is a rich businessman. And he hires her after she directs him home and spends the night with him and it is just such a wonderful story.
  2. Intouchables
    The story this movie tells is heart melting and if you have watched it you probably know what I mean. Although I have to say that this is a movie that might not everybody likes, but it’s still worth watching it even if you don’t like it in the end.
    Basically, this movie is about Philippe who is sitting in a wheelchair and Driss who is working for him just because he needs another cancellation so he gets money and doesn’t have to work. And this story is so touching.
  3. Me before you
    Of course, I have to include this movie. I mean come on, it just so sad and beautiful and just a movie everybody mist have seen some day. I think everybody heard of this movie before but if you haven’t, the movie is about Louisa Clark who lost her job and she has a lot of problems finding one util she has the employment opportunity: help care for Will Traynor who is sitting in a wheelchair since and excitant. It’s just the beautiful story and a movie to love.
  4. Perfect Harmony
    Old but gold. A movie everybody must have seen at least once. I know I said this about every other movie but this is a special one. The story is not just meaningful but also heart touching.
    The story is about racial issues between blacks and whites in town in South Carolina and its private school.
  5. Stuck in love
    Last but not least I have to include this movie. Not just because it is kind of the reason why I started writing again but also because it’s a really beautiful movie. It about this family and the dad and his tow children are writers and everybody is dealing with the matter of love in another way. I have to said that I hadn’t got that high expectation of this movie but it was actually so good that I watched it again just one day after I already watched it.

I hope you enjoy reading this a little bit more different post and that you maybe found a movie you didn’t know and you want to watch. comment what your favorite movie is.

Love, Laura


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