Keeping New Year’s resolutions

img_4901As you all probably know I was very active on this blog around New Year, because of that there is no „New Year’s resolutions“ post and I am really sad about this. You may not believe this but I actually really wanted to write this kind of blog post so much. By now it’s maybe a little bit too late for a „New Years resolutions“ post, so I changed it a little bit. Although I am still going to share my resolutions with you in this post I am also going to write something about how good I am doing with this resolutions and if I already broke a few or if I have a lot of difficulties with them. Anyway, I also have never seen a post like this before but I think that it could be really interesting to see how other persons struggle with their resolutions too because at the latest after three months I gave 99% of my resolutions up. I am not going to lie here because that’s just how it is. Enough talking, let’s get started.

  1. Read more: Of course, this had to be on my list. I kind of kept this resolution. I think I read more than 6 books and I am really happy about this.
  2. Cook/ bake at least once a week: Still trying really hard to fix this one. Until now I didn’t keep it. Probably because always I want to cook something some ingredients are missing. I know I can easily buy them but I’m just too lazy.
  3. Meet/ hang out with friends at least once in two weeks: I am really happy that I nailed this one. And just meeting with my friends more often makes me happy.
  4. Drink more: With „drink more“ I drinking in terms of more alcohol because I don’t drink, but I hope that this is obvious. Anyway, I actually drink a lot more water and tea and I feel really hydrated.
  5. Skip junk food and grab an apple: It’s kind of working this way at the tent but there are days where I just need something like chips here and now. I mean almost everybody has this kind of resolution every year and there might be some out there who are actually keeping this one but come one no junk food can be really though.
  6. Play more piano: This really depends on which mood I am because when I come home and I am already in a bad mood I play about five minutes tat day. But on good days I sometimes play up to an hour.
  7. Do sports: Totally failed with this one. Did do sports one single time. Actually, that’s a lie I went a few times for a walk. So for me that’s sport but I told myself that as soon as it’s getting warmer outside I am going to start running again, but nowadays it’s just too cold.
  8. Do more for school: At first I didn’t keep this resolution but now I am actually nailing this one.
  9. Keep the real friends close: I keep this one and I kept it the last two months. I think that this is probably the most important one because it is really important that you know who your real friends are and that keep them close because they are important.

These were all my resolutions for 2017. I could have written down more, but keeping my room clean is a resolution I always tell myself when I have to clean it up again. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you were able to keep you New Year’s resolutions. Comment down below which resolutions you had and if you kept them. Have an amazing week and see you next time.

Love, Laura


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