5 series you should watch

Some of you might know that I am obsessed with series. When I start watching a series and I like it, I get so obsessed with it and just watch the whole series, episode after episode. Sometimes I can’t stop watching, and then I go to bed late and spend the whole weekend in my room in front of my laptop.
So because I love watching series and because I have quite a lot favorites, I want to share some of them with you. I hope that you don’t know all of them and that you might find a series you don’t know and you want to start watching. Have fun and keep on reading.


Gilmore Girls: I talk a lot about Gilmore Girls on my blog, probably because I already watched the whole series twice and I am so obsessed with the characters. I can’t imagine my life without Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. Both are two amazing personalities, performed by two amazing actors (Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham). I just love how you see Rory growing up in this little town with all these different and special people and how she and her mother have to face all these different problems, like romance, family, and friends. It’s just such an amazing and unique series and I love it so much. When I heard that there would be an eighth season on Netflix I started using Netflix just so I can watch Gilmore Girls.

Bones: Totally different than Gilmore Girls, but also one of my favorite series. It deals with Dr. Temperance Brennan who works at the Jeffersonian and she basically helps the FBI to solve murder cases by examining the bones and the traces. Once you watch this series and get to know all the characters you can’t stop watching it. It is thrilling and mind-blowing and sometimes so disgusting but also so interesting and fascinating at the same time.

Friends: This sitcom made me laugh so often and so hard, it still makes me smile. It’s a true classic and even it might be a little bit older then all the other recommended series, it is still one of my favorites and will always be. The series follows the six friends Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Ross, Chandler, and Joey who are so different and unique. I tell you: if you haven’t watched this series and even if you did this will make you laugh so hard that you will start crying. And you will never get the theme song out of your head.

Castle: It is the first series I actually called my favorite. I love Castle. I mean everything about this series is perfect: amazing actors, it’s about a writer who is working with the police for his book and it never ever got boring. Sadly it is over and I am still crying about this (I actually cried when I watched the last episode). I watched some of the episodes more than 4 times, just because I love them so much. So if you haven’t watched Castle before, give it at least a try.

Riverdale: I talked about Riverdale before, but of course, I couldn’t skip this one. Every Friday my friends and I are so desperate to get home from school so we can watch the new episode. I am so obsessed with this series and it is driving me crazy that I always have to wait a whole week until I can watch a new episode. Riverdale is a series with so much quality and it includes also really hot actors and it’s thrilling and sometimes I am actually really shocked because something really unexpected happened. Netflix did a really great job with this one.

These were some of the series I really enjoyed watching. Like, share and comment down below what your favorite series are and if you want to see another post like this one. See you soon.

Love, Laura


3 thoughts on “5 series you should watch

  1. Yes! Friends is an absolute constant with me. It’s just such a comforting show to have on. Great list of series btw, do you feature your writing with many other sites at all?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment! I love Friends and just started watching a few episodes again.
      I am sorry but my English isn’t that good. So hopefully I understood your comment in the right way. You wanted to know if I like ever posted something on another website, where I give my opinion on something. (If I am wrong, please correct me).
      If so, I actually never did that before. (Besides on my own blog and maybe a little comment on Twitter)


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