50 Ideas for a blog post

Version 3

Today I want to share with you 50 ideas for a blog post. Sometimes I am just out of ideas and I don’t know what to write about. Then I start searching the internet and try to clutter a list of blog post ideas together. Every blogger had this period of time where he/she don’t know what to write about. Anyway, because of that, I want tot share 50 ideas of what you can write about, with you. Keep on reading if you want to know more.
I am dividing these ideas into little categories to give this post a little bit of organization.

I love food and I love writing recipe posts, although I am not the best cook I have a lot of fun cooking and preparing this kind of posts.

  • what I eat in a day (share what you ate in a day and include the recipes)
  • 4 breakfast ideas (everybody loves a good breakfast)
  • the best restaurants in (London, your hometown, etc)
  • your cookbook collection (I love cooking like I do you probably have some cookbooks at home)
  • seasonal recipes
  • write a post about your favorite food bloggers
  • some of your favorite recipes
  • homemade (do something homemade and post about it)
  • some healthy snack recipe
  • recipe/cookbook review

I actually never did a fashion post on this blog, I am looking forward do write some in the future. I love to read them and there are a lot of great fashion blogs out there.

  • fashion favorites (write a post about you favorite clothes)
  • OOTD
  • 10 ways to style … (a plain black skirt, white jeans, Converse, etc)
  • must haves
  • fashion wish list

My blog is to 70% out of blog post about lifestyle. These have always been my favorite blog post to write. This category is the one you can probably be the most creative with.

  • book review
  • what’s in my bag
  • my favorite movies/series
  • 20 facts about me
  • story time (tell something about you)
  • list of your favorite quotes
  • books you want to read
  • talk about your (morning, lazy day, etc) routine
  • what you did this week/weekend
  • some old pictures (Share some old pictures you took. This is especially a nice post for those of you who love to take photographs)
  • things to do … (in summer, on a rainy day, etc)
  • 10 things you are happy about
  • list your future dreams
  • write a post about your life goals
  • Q and A post
  • why I love blogging/ why I started to blog
  • write a post about some old posts
  • monthly favorites post
  • share some tips (you can do this about almost everything)
  • what inspires you

I love to travel and I love to read and write posts about traveling. You can share your opinion about places and include nice pictures.

  • my trip to … (write a post about your recent trip)
  • if I could travel anywhere (I already did two posts like this and I love to do them and
  • you really seemed to like them)
  • my most favorite places (favorite places you have been to)
  • travel essentials (things you always take with you when you travel)
  • what I pack to … (what you took with you to a trip you recently made)

This is for all you beauty bloggers out there.

  • what’s in my makeup bag
  • makeup haul
  • empties post
  • product review
  • 4 hairstyles (I always search for nice new hairstyle ideas on the internet)
  • daily makeup routine
  • how I get ready for a date night
  • hair care routine
  • write a post bout „dupes“
  • your favorite (lipsticks, nail polish, etc)

That’s all for the first time. If you want me to write another one like this post and comment down below. I hope I could help some of you. See you soon.

Love, Laura


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