Things to share

Before I stopped blogging I wrote once a week a post called „This week …“ where I shared things and links I really liked and I collected the over the week and wrote a post about them because I wanted to share them with you. So I don’t want to give this kind of post … More Things to share

This week … Nr.6

So as I told you in my last post I went to my friend to celebrate Halloween. If you haven’t read my Holloween blog post jet, go and read it. (link) Anyways, we carved a pumpkin with a little Harry Potter scar. We both love Harry Potter and are totally obsessed with J.K.Rowlings amazing books. … More This week … Nr.6

This week … Nr. 1

I had a quite busy week writing class tests, learning for other class tests and doing homework. Yes, I still go to school and will for at least the next almost two years. But I don’t hate school even if it is sometimes pretty tough. So besides learning and writing class tests I also had … More This week … Nr. 1

This week …

So I don’t know if I have ever talked about this but at least now I have to. So since a while, I am using Bloglovin if you don’t know now you do. And I discovered a lot of new blogs I really love and I found the blog joy the baker and I read … More This week …